Charlie Sunshine
“Look on the bright side!”
Charlie Sunshine, Milly and Silly are a team of friends who teach children how to solve problems by developing healthy socio-emotional skills. Charlie utilizes songs that incorporate diverse musical genres with fun and inspirational messages to engage children.
Stories Matter
“Who are we but the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, and believe?” Telling stories is one of the most powerful means that we have to influence, teach, and inspire. Stories help us learn about others and understand our place in the world. We are shaped by the stories we believe. Charlies helps children understand the stories they believe about themselves, and when necessary, rewrite those stories.
Optimism has a Face
Sunshine represents having a positive outlook. Positive thinking is a mental attitude that views situations in a constructive way. It does not mean ignoring negativity. Rather, a positive thinker recognizes a situation and looks at it with optimism. Through songs, books and other mediums, Charlie helps children develop healthy socio-emotional skills.
Benefits of helping your child develop socio-emotional skills:
Developing socio-emotional skills can boost your child’s confidence and help them succeed in life.
Socio-emotional skills help kids:
  • Make friends and keep friendships
  • Learn social norms
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Gain confidence
  • Learn strengths and weaknesses
  • Make appropriate decisions
  • Resist negative social pressure
  • Gain awareness of what others are feeling
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A Smile Away

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Charlie Sunshine puts his problem-solving skills to the test when a rainy day causes a dilemma for Gianna. Her mom tries unsuccessfully to salvage their day before enlisting the aid of a special friend.

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Charlie Sunshine puts his problem-solving skills to the test when a rainy day causes a dilemma for Gianna. Her mom tries unsuccessfully to salvage their day before enlisting the aid of a special friend. With some help from Charlie, Gianna learns that even being inside on a rainy day can be fun when we choose to look on the bright side! This enjoyable story is perfect for helping young children navigate their emotions when faced with situations they wish were different.

2 reviews for A Smile Away

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  2. Sandra Christie

    Amazing content and very engaging for 4/5 year olds.. My students were mesmerized while watching and singing along to the rhyming words! Even us teachers were singing along!!

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When Charlie tries sharing his hopes and dreams at school, most of his class dismissed him; but empowered by his parents to radiate hope, he eventually becomes a symbol of resilience for anyone who has ever felt discouraged. This inspirational story demonstrates not only that we can all be carriers of hope, but it also illustrates the impact believing things will get better has on those we encounter.
Author Bio
Aspiring Hip Hop artist by night, educator by day, Charles David Washington was always an encourager at heart. In the wake of early life hurts and disappointments, he rediscovered his inner-child, and with that discovery, hope and healing. Life is a blank canvas, and as a holder of the brush, Charles aims to share stories with children that encourages them to take the things they wished were different and paint new stories.
Illustrator Bio
Alexander T. Lee was born in Philadelphia and currently resides in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, with his wife Yu Yuan and their son Julian and two daughters Caitlyn and Kara. Graduated from the University of Arts in 2002 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Illustration. After graduation, enlisted in the US Navy and served four years on a nuclear powered submarine, USS Jacksonville SSN 699, as a computer technician. Have been honorably discharged from the US Navy, currently working as a freelance illustrator and designer.


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