Charlie Sunshine

“Look on the bright side!”

Charlie Sunshine, Milly and Silly are a team of friends who teach children how to solve problems by developing healthy socio-emotional skills. Charlie utilizes songs that incorporate diverse musical genres with fun and inspirational messages to engage children. 

Optimism has a Face

Charlie Sunshine represents having a positive outlook. Positive thinking is a mental attitude that views situations in a constructive way. It does not mean ignoring negativity. Rather, a positive thinker recognizes a situation and looks at it with optimism.

When children have a positive self-image, they feel confident, capable, and accepted for who they are. Children with low self-esteem feel unsure of themselves. At all ages, how we feel about ourselves affects the way we act. In short, Charlie helps children to identify the stories they believe, and when needed, change the stories they believe. 

Benefits of helping your child develop socio-emotional skills:

Developing socio-emotional skills can boost your child’s confidence and help them succeed in life.

Socio-emotional skills help kids:

  • Make friends and keep friendships
  • Learn social norms
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Gain confidence
  • Learn strengths and weaknesses
  • Make appropriate decisions
  • Resist negative social pressure
  • Gain awareness of what others are feeling

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